Walking in empty Romanian parks

I love my daily walks through the green parks. I plug myself into gripping 19th century audio books and before I know it, I am at work!

I love the long straight tree filled roads I pass.

I wander past greenhouses, complete with endless tomato growing experiments.

Past a tractor which doubles up as a statue in the agricultural college (our college is conveniently in the middle of town!)

Even the main road is under trees!

Endless open walks to try.

And back to the lake, which is always a joy to see…

Everywhere is still and undisturbed.

România has a part of the park, dedicated to the founders of the EU. Imagine that in Britain! Notice the EU flag flies without any other.

This is the original press building. I just so love the sky above it!

More empty wooded paths leading to…

To the main entrance of Herastrau park.

Then into another park…

Past the lost giraffe (Tourists come in all shapes and sizes here!)

Past the parliament building

Into yet more parks and then into work… walking 10,000 steps has never been so easy!

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