Beetroot Smoothie is an essential part of my fabulous school diet

Beetroot Smoothie

I have a cunning place. With cereal in the morning, a school meals and beetroot smoothie in the evening after a 10,000 step walk.

The target is 1kg a week… 20 kg, 20 weeks what could possibly go wrong?Here is a typical school dinner for me. A soup, meat and 2 veg.

I have ditched the bread and any snacks and boy do I feel hungry! I am working on the idea that feeling hungry is a good thing, as at least my body is having to get its energy from somewhere else.

In the evenings, I am now eating a healthy beetroot smoothie…


One lemon – This is excellent for digestion, health and well being… here are 11 good reasons for starters!

One Apple – Discover why an apple a day keeps your doctor away

One medium or 2 small beetroots РLowers blood pressure and makes you more athletic 

A mix of seeds and bran to help digestion – just to make it into a superfood.

How healthy does this look?


Then I slice in the nutribullet blender…


It is a really great evening meal. I did try to eat one for breakfast but it looked way to much for a morning and so I tried to eat half one and felt really hungry well before lunch.

Please note due to the high sugar content in the beetroot, this is an ideal food to eat if you have reduced your carbohydrate levels somewhere else or eat only every few days…

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