All About Dr Fog – My ideas and mission in life

Life life to the full like Dr Fog!
Life life to the full like Dr Fog!

Dr Fog is me (Dr Peter Fogarty). I have been writing TES resources for a long time (since 2017) and I thought it was time I created a website which collects together all the different teaching resources I have made in a single, easy to use location.

Every Dr Fog resource I make will in the future be included in this website so that teachers who use one of my Dr Fog teaching resources can quickly and simply find more resources about the same topic.

I love creating Dr Fog teaching resources. I am also happy to help anyone who is looking to become an author to become a more successful author, where they can learn where I find my inspiration and how they can improve quickly.

I want teachers to enjoy becoming authors. I want to actively encourage a teacher – writer community here. I want teachers to learn from each other and to make the most from every offer that TES throws their way. I am sure there are lots of fabulous teachers out there, with lots of fabulous teaching resources which they could use to make a little more money.

I am also always looking for inspiration and if enough teachers suggest a topic they would like to see me write as part of my TES store, I will be more than happy to help create it.

As well as an author, I am a headteacher, who is learning about the joys of leading a highly successful international school in Bucharest (Maria International School). I will be working on more teaching resources which focus on senior management problems shortly.

I live and I work in Romania, which is also another great feature of my life, as I am able to mix my knowledge of different teaching styles and different cultures to create new and exciting teaching resources on a regular basis.