My Daily 10,000 step walk to work

I am walking to school each day, and enjoy the local lake.

I photoed this in the morning and by the time I got to school, Google photos had sent me this wonderful enhanced version. I cross this bridge each day on my walk.

This is such a tempting place to stop and check my emails and messengers on the way…

These water sprayers tend to catch me out as I go across the grass… one moment all is dry, the next your legs get soaked.

This was a beautiful climbing plant which set itself off nicely against a Romanian blue sky.

Every day I pass by the church I got married in and I am always reminded of the good life I am living…

I pass a small park on the way and love the splash of water as I pass by

Finally I get into my schools streets and yet more trees!

These are my ‘pet pigeons’ which nest where I change and get ready for another day…

This is how I prepare myself for each day. I come in feeling, happy, relaxed and ready for whatever the world throws at me… I will try to show you more snaps each day from now on.

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